Child, Adolescent, and Family Counseling



An Explanation of Play Therapy

     Some children experience difficulties in making adjustments. Play therapy provides an opportunity for them to work through these problems in a permissive situation. While adults find relief in talking over their difficulties with an understanding therapist, children often cannot express their thoughts and feelings in words.  Therefore, it is helpful to allow children to express themselves naturally through play. Play therapy can offer children a unique relationship with a therapist who cares for and accepts them with the love of Christ.

An Explanation of Sand Play

     When God created sand, He must have known how relaxing a walk along the beach would feel during times of trouble or how sifting the sand through our fingers helps the stress flow out of our bodies! He must also delight in the joy experienced by childhood play in the sand! In therapy, the sand, along with a collection of miniatures, can be used as a wonderful tool for expressing thoughts and feelings.

Sand play is an expressive tool used by children, adolescents, adults, and families in which miniature figures and sand are used to create a story or share the person's view of his or her world. Just as God has uniquely created each of us, the manner in which the client uses the sand tray is also unique to that individual.

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